Monday, 26 May 2014

eTDS Checking

1.       Check the reimbursements like HRA, LTA, Medical are mapped with Sec. 10 (No need to process salary or tax again in this case).

2.       If the gross salary is shown as 0 in Challan then delete the last quarter (4rth quarter) and re-enter the challan.

3.       Check if the employee is not properly finalized using FnF process.

4.       If in Tax Settings “Deduct Tax on Higher Slab in case PAN not available” is unchecked and PAN is not available then ETDS does not validate. In this case in tax settings Enable “Deduct Tax on Higher Slab” and re process the tax, else shortfall is shown.

5.       The taxable income of deductee record does not match with the total taxable income mentioned in challan.

a.       Reason 1: Map the payheads with Section 10
b.      Reason 2: Check if some value is stored in income from other sources or chapter via in decimal.

6. Eg. considering F.Y. 2013-14: In April an employee's tax is deducted and in 1st quarter return the employee's tds is deposited. The employee did not have PAN. Subsequently, the employee's taxable income was less than 200000. In fourth quarter the employee's details were part of the return. The return did not get validated because the employee did not have PAN and tds was not deducted in higher slab in April.

7.      If the Chap. VIA investments are greater than the income, then the value becomes negative and the file is not validated