Friday, 11 April 2014

Steps to generate Form 16 in Webpay

FORM 16 Generation Steps through Webpay

1. Please note that Part A of Form 16 is to be downloaded from TRACES portal. To merge Part
A and Part B (generated from Webpay) please follow the steps:

Copy the PDF files generated from TRACE to the folder [Application Directory]\[CompanyCode]\PDFFiles\FORM16\[Financial Year]\Form16-A\

Note: You must extract Part A without digital signature. Above activities will be done on Application server.

2. Please go to following path for form 16 Generation:
Report Menu --> LWF, professional Tax, TDS reports --> TDS Estimation slip, salary paid details,
form 16

3. Select Report Type Form 16 & Form12 BA

4. Search all employee which employee need to generate form 16.

5. Browser signature type:
a. signature:  Signature in JPG Format (Image Size should be 250 X 100 Pixels): Form 16 can
    be generated in HTML and PDF.
b. Signature in PFX (Digital Signature File): Form 16 can be generated ONLY in PDF. 
c. Select Certificate and Certificate Password will be enable after click on search button. 

6. Click on Preview.